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Press Coverage Development Package

Get this package if you are trying to get press coverage at your event

  • 2 hours
  • 1,200 US dollars
  • The press event will take place at your desired location.

Service Description

The Press Coverage Development Package includes the following: - Our firm puts your press release together including your branding and marketing platforms. - We establish communications, advocacy, and relationship building with earned media (TV, Newspaper outlets) regarding your event leading up to the actual event. For Example: setting up meetings with executive producers, reporters and managers to discuss the event and what it will offer the community. Relationships are key when it comes to securing the media covering your event. Our firm works to develop the relationship necessary to get your event on the radar of local media. - We send a draft of the release to you for review up to 48 hours in advance of the event. - We work with you on defining your primary press release contact. S Harris Communications only will be listed as a secondary media contact on the press release. - We send your press release to your local media market (The city/region you are located in). - We make up to three follow up phone calls to news outlets within 24 hours prior to your event to get a pulse of where the media's coverage of the event will be. -We will display the press release on our S Harris Communications website and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter). - We help you define what you will need for your press event such as: podium, mics, etc.

Contact Details


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